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Samsung Galaxy S Power Pack

schaut nicht schlecht aus:

Samsung will launch EBB-U10 Power Pack for Galaxy S in September

Tomcat 7 Beta

switched to Tomcat 7.0.2 for

Installing unbound on openbsd 4.2

add a new/additional openssl (see, without this you will probably get an “undefined reference to `EVP_sha25″… compile error
compiling unbound:

ldns: ./configure –with-ssl=/usr/local/openssl, gmake, gmake install
unbound: ./configure –with-ssl=/usr/local/openssl, gmake, gmake install

WebDAV Performance in Windows 7


JQuery jGrowl with Wicket

Just one behavior – as simple as that.

public class Growl extends AbstractBehavior {

public Growl(final String title, final String text) {
this.title = title;
this.text = text;

public void renderHead(IHeaderResponse response) {
StringBuilder script = new StringBuilder();
script.append(“$(document).ready(function() {\n”);
script.append(“$.jGrowl(\”” + protectedString(text) + “\”, { header: ‘” + protectedString(title) + “‘, life: 10000 });”);
response.renderJavascript(script.toString(), “Growl”);


What’s missing is a jQuery-lib and jGrowl-lib Header […]