Testing Apache Wicket at www.mygoods.at

News: We are using Apache Wicket at www.mygoods.at to get all the nice Wicket-Ajax-Features. 

Comparing Wicket and JSF

JSF isn’t easy. It isn’t easy because you have to combine a couple of frameworks to get productive (e.g. facelets for a clean view and templating, a strategy for persistent data handling in the view avoiding lazy initialization errors and using correct transaction demarcation, some gui frameworks or helpers for dynamic image loading, file uploads, ajax […]

JPA – Open EntityManager In JSF View

If you are using JPA in your JSF web application and want the same benefits as Spring’s OpenSessionInViewFilter (e.g. avoid lazy loading problems with Hibernate,…) you can use THIS contribution.

Comparing JSF / Wicket

Too much choice?
standard vs.  non-standard frameworks
JSF too complicated?
Use Seam and everything will be ok? (at least with ORM problems)

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