Creating a (google xml sitemap) – simple and easy

If you want to create a google sitemap automatically using a crawler and you do not know a simple lightweight crawler, try this crawler. The crawler is really easy to use and with the help of a spring-quartz job you can setup an full automatic sitemap-creator-engine in a few hours.

Online Video to Flash Converter with Java using ffmpeg

Today i extracted the video-flash converter from our CMS. You can test-drive the simple converter UI for free here.

Feedback is welcome!

Displaying dynamic content (images) in JSF with MyFaces or RichFaces

If you do not want to write your own Servlet/Filter to serve dynamic/binary content you can use following JSF libraries/tags which integrate perfectly in the JSF component model:

MyFaces Sandbox 

Using FlowPlayer with SWFObject 2.0

Do not use flashvars to specify your flv-video location. Use “params”, see a correct example below:

var flashvars = {};
 var params = {
  flashvars: “config={ videoFile: ‘xy.flv’, width:’320′, height:’200′ }”,


The ServerSide Java Symposium takes place in Prague this June (18-20).
See the official site for more information.

Sentence of the Day

“…please do not check in into our head cvs because it could get published to our production system….”
“… and no, we do not have a development stream….”
“…we do not want to change anything because our product works (so far)…”

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