misusing java reflection with bad java doc – a horrible mixture

Reading source codes from other programmers is usually a time-consuming job. Things get even worse if java reflection is misused (IMHO) and not a single line of java doc/example can give you a hint what is really going on here…

just take a look at following code snippet:

Properties conversions = new Properties();
Field[] fields = source.getClass().getDeclaredFields();
for (int […]

server side includes and beyond…

squid 3.0 is out. The only thing i was interested a view year ago was the ESI (Edge Side Includes) implementation of squid. I needed an alternative way of caching parts of a web page like Vignette does with its own Server Side Include technology (at least till 6.0). Now that squid 3.0 is final it is […]

less code for jsf CRUD apps

Crank is a framework for reducing code in JSF CRUD applications. Looks really simple. I have to give it a try

first entry

..after wordpress install on our own web server