JBoss Seam 3

If you looked at the Seam Status Page the last several months you have to be worried that Seam 3 does not make any real progress (?). Perhaps JSF2 is enough?

a good comparison matrix anywhere?

SEAM 3 extends JSF2 with:

Drools Workflow Engine

JSF Component IDs


JSF Sucks - agreed!


CKEditor & JSF + Tomahawk

..i’m getting a “invalid array length” when i press a CKEditor button…  seems like there is a compatibility problem with the prototype library used in Apache MyFaces Tomahawk..

-> exception in:

shift: function() {

461 var result = this[0];
462 for (var i = 0; i < this.length – 1; i++)
463 this[i] […]

Introduction to Web Beans, JSR-299

see examples and docs at jboss

Setting Facelets facelets.DEVELOPMENT at Runtime

If you have a custom configuration file where you switch between development und production environment you can use this custom facelets view handler to override the fixed web.xml entry from facelets (not very clean, but it works).

custom facelets view handler (example for a seam jsf wep app)

You also have to change your faces config and change […]

Facelets: ui:repeat problems, access to current loop index

…use t:dataList from MyFaces Tomahawk instead (IMHO – do not use ui:repeat at all…)

Woodstock JSF components

Nice JSF UI-components at java.net….

Comparing JSF / Wicket

Too much choice?
standard vs.  non-standard frameworks
JSF too complicated?
Use Seam and everything will be ok? (at least with ORM problems)

Read more at  A Wicket user tries JSF – interesting discussion

Displaying dynamic content (images) in JSF with MyFaces or RichFaces

If you do not want to write your own Servlet/Filter to serve dynamic/binary content you can use following JSF libraries/tags which integrate perfectly in the JSF component model:

MyFaces Sandbox